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Tampa Tree Removal, Stump Grinding
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Tampa Tree Services are the Bay Area experts at removing dead, unwanted, or hazardous trees.  Once that tree is removed, its stump should also be carefully ground to ensure no regrowth.  Our licensed and insured professionals utilize the latest arboriculture techniques for quality, speed and safety.

Storm Damage and Emergency Tree Removal
Hurricanes regularly create massive tree damage in Florida but it's not the only cause.  Florida is famous for its daily summertime thunderstorms which frequently contain high winds, torrential rains, and deadly lightning.  During this period, tree soil becomes saturated and soft, leaving trees susceptible to toppling.  Fallen trees may block roadways, driveways, create hazardous situations with overhead power lines, or crash onto vulnerable housing and vehicles, creating the need for immediate removal.  High winds may also damage normal trees or trees with preexisting weaknesses.  Lightning may destroy trees entirely or damage them substantially enough to require action.  In these cases, damaged trees may need to be removed or carefully pruned to restore their balance and beauty.  Our experts can help you determine the proper action in each case.

Emergency Tree Removal

Stump Grinding and Removal
After a tree is removed, its stump should be carefully and expertly addressed to ensure no regrowth and potential calamity.  Roots may continue to grow, endangering nearby infrastructure such as concrete driveways, pools, foundations and pipes.  Old stumps are also havens for malicious insects such as termites.  The experts at Tampa Tree Services will remove your unwanted stump quickly with a low footprint. 

Tampa Bay's Tree Transplant Specialists!
Tree Transportation, Tree Relocation, Tree Sales, Tree Purchasing and Tree Trades.  Tampa Tree Services are renowned for their expertise and care and continued health in the arboriculture field of tree transplanting.  We have a great deal of experience transplanting countless varieties all over the state of Florida.  The utmost care and attention for detail, using the latest techniques and technology, and often hand-digging in the most delicate situations, makes Tampa Tree Services the "go to" company for tree transplanting needs.  

Tampa Tree Transplanting - Hand Digging  Tampa Tree Transplant Specialists 

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